Similarities and Changes

You always know that (aside taxes and death) one constant in life is change. For some people, change is the best thing in the world – change keeps the world interesting, stops the mundane becoming regular, prevents boredom settling in. For others, change is a terrifying, inconsistent unknown. It’s the new job, new social circle, new routines and new faces. It’s unknown and undecided.

I fall into the second bracket – I cannot embrace change.

I almost feel as though there should be an anonymous support group for those of us that don’t actively seek change. We are the ones who don’t spend their gap year travelling, the ones who work in the same job for years.

But why?

For me, change is a great unknown, something I cannot prepare for or plan for. It’s the scary thing that precedes something new. And the something new is the hardest thing of them all.

But hey, change happens and as much as I hate it, I have to suffer with it. I might not enjoy it much but it will happen with or without my consent.

And so as change occurs I will try and embrace it…

I hope!


New year, New start

Good evening world!

I keep thinking it would be healthy to start a blog again, having lurked in live journal during my teenage years. I doubt anyone will read this but hey, if a tree falls in the woods does it make a noise? Likewise if no one reads these words, do they make them any less meaningful?

Anyway, today I have made a decision – today I will start saying yes more and try to push outside my comfort zones. I’m guilty of not doing things, making excuses to not do this or that, stay at home rather than go out. So today I did and I feel like I’ve achieved something.

Maybe this won’t last, I don’t want to call it a “new years resolution” through fear it failing after 2 days but hopefully it’ll last. But hopefully it’ll lead to a better social life and that can only be a good thing.

So onwards and upwards – here’s hoping 2013 leads to new adventures and maybe even a renewed blogging interest!